Project Data

In addition to application of the budget concepts introduced in Chapter 8, your grade will also be based on the following:
• APPEARANCE, ORGANIZATION AND COMPLETENESS-Your project should have a professional appearance, be well-organized, well-labeled and formatted appropriately, prepared and submitted according to the instructions contained in this document. Use the assignment function to submit your assignment: use the link at the name of the assignment (INDIVIDUAL PROJECT) to attach a copy of your completed spreadsheet and submit for grading. Be sure to put your name on your spreadsheet. Do not include a submission text.


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Project Data
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• EXCEL-Your project must be done in Excel and should exhibit appropriate use of the software. All of the required budgets should appear on a single spreadsheet labeled “Operating Budgets.” All parts of the project other than per unit amounts should be in whole numbers–ie. no “.00” Either do not use “$” or use them sparingly and only where appropriate.

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