Legal research Memorandum 1

Is This a Homicide? Toby was fired from his job. Too proud to apply for unemployment benefits, he used his savings to feed his family. When one of his children became ill, Toby did not seek medical attention for the child at a state clinic because he did not want to accept what he regarded as charity. Eventually, weakened by malnutrition, the child died as a result of the illness. You are a state prosecutor and have been assigned to prepare a legal memorandum that analyzes and determines the most appropriate homicide charge to file against Toby for the death of his child. Your memorandum must include an explanation of the following homicide offenses as applied to the facts of this case: A. Murder B. Involuntary manslaughter C. Voluntary manslaughter At least 4 sources resources in addition to book references


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Legal research Memorandum 1
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