Interface Design


-> The work is for a PhD Thesis, on Interface Design. It goes into usability aspects (UX), but also on mobile design. It is a very TECHNICAL work, with strong THEORETICAL fundament required.

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Interface Design
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-> This work is about finding ways to create guidelines for mobile apps dealing with open-air historical places.


-> The chapters where I do need help (5, 6 and 7) already have paragraphs and some analysis. They have already a guide about where I do want to go. Basically, your job will be making what it is there better and appropriate for a doctoral thesis.

-> In these chapters are already texts and some conclusions. The work will be filling the gaps, with academic reference to support as much as possible.

I do need help:

-> Complementing the evaluation analysis chapter. There are some paragraphs already there, analysing the responses from the evaluation, but there are questions without the analysis yeat. Each of them needs more academic support. Especially from the Section 5.4 and forward.

-> Here it is needed more connection between the evaluation and the results (chapter 6) – to legitimise the results (the found guidelines).

-> There are answers with just the results. An academic connection must be built.

-> This is the “recommendation” chapter. The recommendations are already there, but they need updated academic references support for them. It needs “academic body” that legitimate the findings.

-> This is the conclusion. There is also a guide about where I do want to go. It needs more “body” to it.

The idea is to have the hired 10000 words spread among these 3 chapters, mainly 5 and 6, with just few pages on 7 (conclusion).

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