African American Woman

Kechi Homes is a 39 year old African American woman who presents to the ER complaining of chills, nausea and low back pain for the past 2 days. Earlier in the week she developed increased urinary frequency and dysuria. Kechi is a high school teacher, married with two children; she was accompanied by her husband. She is a non-smoker and has no history of drug use. Her past medical histories are frequent UTIs and a history of Diabetes Mellitus. No history of STDs, no vaginal discharge stated.

Patient looked sick and appeared uncomfortable. Her vital signs were; Temp = 101, HR = 100, BP = 100/60, O2 sat = 96%, RR = 23, Pain = 7/10. Physical assessment includes; dry mucous membranes, suprapubic tenderness, severe right flank and right costovertebral tenderness.
Lab ordered: Urinalysis, CBC, Urine microscopic examination and urine and blood culture and BMP (basic metabolic panel).
Diagnosis: Urinary Tract Infection.

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African American Woman
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Nursing management – using the nursing process, develop one plan of care related to one priority physiological nursing diagnosis . Please include the following information in each plan of care:
1. Priority nursing diagnosis
2.short and 1 long‐term goal
3. 5 nursing interventions with rationale statements,
4. 5 evaluative statements based on interventions, and
5.A minimum of 3 potential patient education needs for consideration.

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