Current Social Issue

verview: In this assignment you will be required to critically evaluate a current social issue/behaviour and apply 5 theories/concepts of social psychology from your textbook as potential explanations for the event/behaviour.

To start: Spend some time reflecting on social issues, interactions, and events around you. Your sources of observation may be direct (those in close proximity to you), events/interactions in social media (direct or indirect), or news stories. The examples must be real and not part of a movie or rehearsed/acted out.

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Current Social Issue
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From your observations, identify a behaviour that has potentially been influenced by the social situation and to which you can effectively apply at least 5 social concepts as potential explanations. For example, you might have observed cultural variations in the response to the covid19 virus. Consider this from various levels of analysis. How might Affect? Behaviour? Thoughts/feelings be impacted by the situation and how might they in turn impact the social situation?


Now, consider which theories/concepts from your textbook would provide the most reasonable explanation for the observations. In the example above you might consider theories/concepts related to conformity? Implicit attitude? Obedience? Affiliation? Confirmation biases?

You need to develop a clear, focused description of the observation of interest and potential social influences that will become part of your thesis statement in your essay.

Essay format and style: For this assignment you will be preparing an APA expository essay (see
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). Your essay will be written in APA format that includes, a title page, in text citations, reference list, and formatted to include 12 pt font, 2.54 cm margins and double space. The essay will be 4 – 5 pages long (not including references).

All work must be written in your own words. Incorrect paraphrasing that results in using the original sentence with alterations in word order or word substitutions is plagiarism and will result in an academic alert. You are borrowing ideas – not sentences- from the author and you must cite the work accordingly.

***No quotes will be allowed in this assignment***

Resources: You must use peer-reviewed journal articles (the library has access to numerous journals through JSTOR, PsycINFo, and other reliable sources), and your textbook as primary sources. Three of the sources must come from social psychology journals. You text has a list of social psychology journals that you will find useful. You may also include reliable sources such as .gov, .org, or .edu websites.

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