American Life and Culture

Discuss in-depth and specifically in terms of history-patterns-comparison, bringing in topics from class. Reflect on what you have learned in this course. Here is the list of topics we’ve discussed: Homo Sapiens Hegemony Genetic variation Coverture Clinal variation Equal Rights Amendment Phenotypes Gender Independent assortment Sex Non-concordance Sexuality Skin color Gender binary Typological model Gender non-binary Populational model Popular culture Clinal model Meme Race Pop culture as protest Ethnicity Hip hop music Race narratives Colorblindness From first part of class: 3/5s


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American Life and Culture
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Compromise Holism Phenotype Culture (5 features) Hypodescent Signs/semiotics One-drop rule Worldview Jim Crow laws Culture change Anti-miscegenation laws Cultural dimensions Structural /systemic racism Iceberg model Institutional racism Narratives Interpersonal racism Melting pot Internalized racism Cultural relativism Symbolic racism Ethnocentrism Implicit racial bias Critical relativism Racial profiling Nationalism Black Lives Matter Nativism Model minority Know Nothing Party Eugenics Privilege White privilege White supremacy Intersectionality Immigration Act of 1924 Japanese-American internment/incarceration AAA statements on race and on gender

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