Transformational Leadership

Submit a 2000-2500 word Research Paper. The research paper should be written on a topic of interest to you which you have not yet had the opportunity to explore. The paper should synthesize information gained through library research, class, and your work experience. When you choose a topic for this paper, consider the question,

“What have I been curious about which I believe will assist me along my personal and/or professional leadership pathway?”

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Transformational Leadership
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The grading basis will include content, thoroughness and use of research (i.e., quality of scholarly sources, citations, etc.), use of APA style, writing style and grammar, evidence of learning including synthesis and analysis by the student, and logical construction of content and argument. Approach the issue from a factual and theoretical perspective, including relevant information that will inform the analysis of the current status of the issue/topic.

The paper should be 2000 to 2500 words excluding cover page and references. It should be well-organized, typed, and double-spaced. Include a cover page and reference page. You are strongly encouraged to write this paper in a style and of a quality suitable for publication in a professional journal.

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