Feminist Perspectives Scale

Complete the Feminist Perspectives Scale and score yourself on the five types of feminism measured by that scale: Feminist Perspectives Scale.pdf


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Feminist Perspectives Scale
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Cultural feminism; questions 1, 6, 11
Socialist feminism; questions 2, 7, 12
Woman of color feminism; questions 3, 8, 13
Radical feminism; questions 4, 9, 14
Liberal feminism; questions 5, 10, 15

Part 2

After completing the scale, answer the following questions and submit your replies for grading:

Based on your results of the Feminist Perspectives Scale, describe the kinds of changes, if any, that have occurred in your personal beliefs after taking this course, as well as reasons for these changes.
Some women support the goals of feminism but do not label themselves as feminists. Discuss possible reasons for this discrepancy.

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