Brandi’s “Beauty Askew.”

Use the uploaded file (Brandi_Beauty_Askew) to answer the questions below.

Identify which of our four main haiku elements is apparent in each of these lines excerpted from Brandi’s “Beauty Askew.” Explain (briefly) why you associate this quote with a particular element and why that element is important, to poetry and to life!

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Brandi’s “Beauty Askew.”
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1. My “haiku eye” opens whenever I relax into a state of “unreadiness”—no mind, no intellect in the way of what is present in any given moment. (Brandi 4)

2. When it comes to language that replicates such energy fields, it is the haiku writer who paints a picture with words and compresses it into a poem. (Brandi 5)

3. Haiku present a significant moment amid everything transient—a split second in which things are profound, yet without meaning. (Brandi 6)

4. The haiku poet lives for the unexpected turn, a sudden shift in reality when self is missing and universe comes forward. (Brandi 6)

5. Seasons are given high priority in traditional Japanese haiku, but modern haiku writers often pay attention to the seasons of the heart—moods in the psyche triggered during seasonal changes. (Brandi 8)

6. What is familiar is suddenly renewed. The sameness, the difference, is one. Haiku expresses the ineffable magic of this unity. It captures and releases the light of a world that disappears as quickly as it arrives. (Brandi 9)

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