Business Value Creation and Value Capture

– 550 words

– Deconstruct the question so you know what you are being asked to deliver.

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Business Value Creation and Value Capture
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– Remember to craft your answer using:

· Introductory statement (15 -20% word count)

· Using appropriate TEE+ or PEEL academic paragraph structure (75 – 80% word count)- Three body

· Concluding statement (5-10% word count)


– Remember to include in-text citations (these are included in word count) AND a reference list in APA format (this is in addition to the word count).

– DO NOT include the following scenario and question in your answer


The accompanying url links contains the 2018 and 2019 annual reports for the NZ organisation, Warehouse Group. and This is an open book assessment so you can also look beyond that report to other relevant and appropriate sources. Additional information can be found at: (P15-41) Business model generation: a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers

Identify and justify how Warehouse Group seek to maximise Value Creation and Value Capture in their business operations. Draw on organisational examples to illustrate. Finally, conclude on how entrepreneurship and innovation play a role in determining value creation and value capture in Warehouse Group performance.

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