Final Exam

The exam commences at 3.30 on the 19th Aug and is an open book exam

Note prior to that time the exam will not show in Moodle.

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Final Exam
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At 3.30 refresh the website and note that there now appears part 1 and Part 2 links below.

Note: – Ensure that you start with Part 1 and then answer Part 2

Part 1

This is the multiple-choice exam which have a total of 50 questions.


Time allowed is 40 mins. This is approximately 45 secs per question. At the end of 40 mins if you have not finished part 1 of the exam will save your answers and close.

There are 15 questions taken from chapters 1 to 6 (approximately 2-3 questions per chapter)

Chapter 7 to 14 (except chapter 12 with was not cover in this course) have 5 questions per chapter giving a total of 35 for this section.

Part 2

This is the short answer questions which as a total of 10 questions

Time allowed is 60 minsACME WRITERS

There is one question taken from Chapters 4 (Motivation) to chapter 14 (Change)

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