Elements of Fiction

Write a thorough analysis of several (2-4) elements of fiction, explaining how they affect one another
as well as the story’s theme and/or mood. Remember that you must write about one of the stories
assigned by your instructor.
Choose one story.
“The Devil and Tom Walker” (Character folder)
“The Story of an Hour” (Character folder)
“Cathedral” (Character folder)ACME WRITERS
“A White Heron” (Setting folder)
“The Cask of Amontillado” (Setting folder)
“The Black Cat” (Style and Tone folder)
“Paul’s Case” (Theme folder)
“Symbols and Signs” (Symbols folder)
Thesis: Your thesis should focus on the literary elements you will analyze. Here is one way to
structure the thesis to be sure you have a solid claim for your essay:
_____’s work, titled ______, uses elements _____, ______, and ______ to emphasize the theme of
Your outline should adhere to several requirements.
You must write on the topic outlined in the assignment prompt.
Your outline must focus on one the works listed on this assignment sheet.
You must format your outline using the template in the course.
Your outline must have at least 6 direct quotes, integrated properly with correct
citations.ACME WRITERS
Research is not required for this essay; however, if you choose to incorporate secondary
sources, you must correctly cite your research.
You must include a works cited page.
Tips to Keep in Mind

Choose a work that you find interesting. It’s best if you understand the stories completely.
Read the work carefully, making annotations and notes as you go. Look for elements to analyze. Break
down scenes as necessary.

Based on your stories, notes, ideas, and topic, draft a working thesis. Refer to the thesis statement
lecture notes on Blackboard if you need help. Many examples you may find online are average, meaning they
are C level thesis statements.

Gather all your notes, any written assignments where you discussed this work, and any secondary

Write an outline of the main points you want to make. Compare them to your thesis statement (modify
your thesis or outline to make sure they match). Refer to the prompt to make sure you are still on track.

Fill in the outline with support from the stories and from your research (remember the citations).
Finalize your outline and submit your outline to the Outline 1 drop box.
•. For greater potential for success, submit your outline to UpSwing for extra guidance. Feedback can take up
to 48 hours. Use feedback from the tutoring services as well as from UpSwing to revise your draft.

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