Smoking and Heart Disease

It is well known that smoking is bad for your health. The health education about smoking has always centered around smoking tobacco. Now that marijuana for recreational use is legal in several states, the incidence of smoking is rapidly rising. In addition, smoking alternative products, such as those in vaping, is also on the rise.ACME WRITERS

Your research project this is to research smoking and the autonomic system. Why does smoking increase the risk of heart disease? Discuss how smoking impacts autonomic function. Expand your analysis to include smoking of all forms. Does the current research support health education beyond tobacco use to include marijuana and other substances?

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Smoking and Heart Disease
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Due: Monday Midnight
Length: 3-5 pages
Format: APA format, cover page, references pageACME WRITERS

See USU Written Assignment Grading Rubric with APA – UG for additional details and point weighting.

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