American Economic Issues

You will argue for or against a topic concerning American economic issues. You will complete this assignment using copious evidence gleaned from course materials as well as by researching online and other available sources. The paper must be 5 pages, use both primary and secondary sources, and be argumentative in tone. No fewer than 5 primary sources and 5 secondary sources must be used. Of the 10 total sources, at least 2 must be books and at least 6 must be articles. All sources must be properly cited using current Turabian style.
Find an event, concept, practice, person, or business that raises controversy. These may include the importance of Wal-mart, Steve Job’s entrepreneurship, NAFTA, the concept of “grow or die,” detrimental impact of specific environmental regulations, etc.
In writing the paper, take care to address the following points:
1. The paper has a detailed thesis statement that answers a question of historical significance.
2. Ensure that you intentionally show multiple sides of the argumentACME WRITERS
3. Introduce your key sources – mention them or their authors by name, explain the source or the importance of the author within your text.
4. The paper is coherent, grammatically correct, and properly organized.
5. Sufficiently varied primary and secondary sources are used to support the thesis in cluding historical and bussness publications.
6. The paper relies heavily upon the economic concepts explained in this course. That is, the paper is focused on economic history.
7. The paper sufficiently defends or refutes the assigned topic.ACME WRITERS

textbook used throughout course was American Entrepreneur
by: Larry Schweikart & Lynne Pierson

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American Economic Issues
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