Strategic Management of Health Topics

Assignment 1: Discussion 4

This is the fourth of the series of short discussions on strategic management of health topics.

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Strategic Management of Health Topics
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Discussion 4 – Strategic Planning

In this discussion, you are going to examine a case study on NHS Direct; a 24 hour/7 days a week health service delivered by phone and internet in the UK.ACME WRITERS

Step 1 – Read the following case study carefully:
Murdock, A. (2010) NHS Direct: Managing in Difficult Times. NHS Direct.

Step 2 – Looking at Exhibit 6-4 Strategic Thinking Map – Hierarchy of Strategic Decisions and Alternatives (Ginter, 2018: 211) and examining the case study of NHS Direct, in your opinion, which type of strategic alternative has NHS health service adopted in creating the NHS Direct initiative. In your response consider if it only fits into one type of alternative strategy or a number of alternative strategies? Why?

Learning Outcomes:

Demonstrate an understanding of the key approaches, theories and concepts that inform strategic management.
Critically appraise different schools of thought to healthcare business practice and strategic management.
Critically explain and analyse a range of strategies linking theory to practice.

You are required to write three posts for this assignment. The initial post should be labelled ‘Initial Post’ and the follow-up responses should be labelled as ‘Response 1 and 2’. All posts will be judged according to all grading criteria. Any additional posts are welcome but will not affect your grade for this assessment.

This assessment counts towards your final module grade and forms a part of assignment 1 which is weighted at 40%. You must complete all parts of assignment 1.ACME WRITERS

Post a 300-word response to the question above. Respond to two of your peers’ posts (150-200 words per response). Your answers must use an academic tone, be evidence-based and supported by relevant literature, using Harvard referencing. Your posts should not exceed the word count by more than 10%, for more information please see your student handbook. Please note that referencing is not included in the word count.
This assessment takes place during unit 7.

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