Essay Assignment

You will need to Answer one Question to receive the full points. You will need to answer the questions in the form of an Essay no less than 350 words Your Essay will need to be double spaced The question you are answering should be the title of the essay and should appear after the heading before you begin your text. Your should have a heading at the top left corner of the first page that has the following information: Your Name Course Name Course Section Number Spring 2019 Assignment Number You will need to avoid plagiarizing. This includes copying or having someone else do your work for you. You cannot copy directly from any PowerPoint, Terms and Definitions, or from your textbook to answer the question, however, you can use them as a source of information for answering the questions as well as linked websites. If you want to quote something you can, but do not make it the entire answer and cite were you got it from. ACME WRITERSCitation is a simple one, just put in parentheses the Authors last name and page number Example: (Downs 56). All your sources must be cited using the MLA Style of Citation.

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Essay Assignment
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