Organizational Culture

read the article below which corresponds to this week’s discussion topics. Then answer the questions below. Use the concepts from the course textbook and the article to support the information in your initial post. Answer the following questions: Strategy at Tom’s What is the organizational culture of Tom’s like? How does the organizational culture affect the way the employees behave? What are some potential sources of intrinsic motivation for Tom’s employees?ACME WRITERS To post to the discussion, click on Week 3 Discussion above, then Create Thread. It is required to submit your initial response post to enter the Discussion Forum. If you enter the Discussion Forum prior to submitting your initial response post, you will not earn credit for your post.  Please read each question thoroughly and answer all questions in their entirety in your initial post. It is important to answer all components of the questions. If the question asks “Why?” or “Please Explain” it is required to include this information. Please note it is required to support your responses with information from the sources you used.  Discussion Posts (APA Guidelines)  It is required to use correct APA 7th ed. format when citing your sources (including the textbook) when writing your discussion posts. This applies to both short quotations and paraphrases. Please include all sources used in the reference list at the end of your posts.ACME WRITERS In-text and narrative citations are required to avoid plagiarism.

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Organizational Culture
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