PowerPoint Presentation

For this assignment, you are to assume the role of Vice President for new business development. You are free to define the type of business you will be leading for this example. Create a short PowerPoint presentation (9-13 slides) that you will be presenting in an upcoming meeting with all the key employees in the business. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following and completely answer all of the questions for each bullet point.   Component


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PowerPoint Presentation
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1: Role of Innovation: Describe the role of innovation in business and why it is important. (2-3 slides) Component 2: Role of Entrepreneurship: Describe the role of entrepreneurship in an organization and illustrate its importance. (2-3 slides) Component 3: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Describe to the audience what innovation and entrepreneurship might look like if it was alive and well in this organization or business today. (2-3 slides) Component 4: Call to Arms: Issue a “call to arms” and offer some sort of short term challenge to the audience to get them thinking about the challenges ahead and the opportunities to innovate. Be specific about what you expect them to do. (2-3 slides) APA Reference List (1 slide)

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