Literature Review

Please use the following Rubics i.e. spacing = Double; font style =Times New Roman; font size = 12).


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Literature Review
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Note that reference to literature can only be made in answering part (ii) of this question.
Reference to literature is not required in answering part (i).


Find a spot of your choice where you can conduct a 10-minute uninterrupted observation of an
organizational activity. This could be at the place of your work or other workplace.

i). As part of this activity, note down what is happening in the activities’ location, with the
aim of developing a set of notes that describe the scene as much as possible, including the
• The organizational activity(s) happening within the location.
• The ambience, atmosphere, and environment of the location.
• Physical characteristics of the organizational activity’s setting within the location.
• How you felt during your observation and how you think such feeling influenced
what you observed and recorded.

ii). Base on your recorded notes, develop specific research question(s) about the
organizational activity you observed relative to the location. Select one question and
determine with explanation, whether the approach towards answering it could be guided
by an existing theory or not.

Your response to this question must not exceed two (2) pages. You are required to write as
concisely as possible.

Kwesi Pratt, a head teacher at University of Ghana High School sitting in his office casually
thumbing through a magazine, found an article citing research which alleged that high school
dropouts make their decisions to quit school during their middle school years. Kwesi Pratt
could not get the allegations out of his mind, repeatedly asking himself, “How does that
happen?” and “What do we do?” He too decided to implement an action research process to
investigate these burning questions.

Using the four (4) phase components, conduct an action research at University of Ghana
High School and submit a report to the Parents Teachers’ Association (PTA). Your report
should clearly state the ways to address the problem.

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