Creation of American Identity

The creation of American identity is, separate from, but related to, the national, political, and religious identities of the Europeans who colonized North America. For your essay, craft an argument about how Americans forged this new identity by considering how they contrasted themselves against a variety of foreign and domestic others between the colonial period and the Civil War

Questions you could address in your answer include:

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Creation of American Identity
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– How did English settlers in North America distinguish themselves from the English in England?
– What other kinds of Europeans did English settlers set themselves against?
– What other kinds of Europeans did English settlers set themselves against?
– What were the strategies by which Native Americans and African-Americans attempted to gain access to American cultural citizenship?
– How did Euro-Americans respond to these arguments? In what ways did Americans come to identify disabled individuals as foreign?
– How did Americans utilize conceptualizations of other cultures to differentiate themselves after the Revolution?
– How did Americans use religion in their definition of themselves?
– How does slavery come to define American citizenship, and in what ways did the issue of slavery lead to further subdivisions within American identity? What does the idea of “freedom” have to do with any of this?


Each exam should begin with a short introduction that acknowledges the relevant themes and includes an argumentative thesis at the end. Each exam should include three to five body sections headed by argumentative topic sentences and supported by at least one piece of evidence


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