American Society of Radiologic Technology


1. Review the Course Outline.

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American Society of Radiologic Technology
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2. Review the American Society of Radiologic Technology website.

3. Locate the Practice Standards by clicking on the tab labeled Standards & Regulations.

4. Click on Professional Practice.


5. Read the Practice Standards:

· Scope of Practice

· Advisory Opinion Statements

· Position Statement

· Decision Tree for Determining Scope of Practice

6. Click on the section: Practice Standard, Glossary & Advisory Opinion Statements.

7. Watch the 10 minute video on the overview of the Standards.

8. Click on a Read the ASRT Practice Standards for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy.

Assessment of Student Learning Outcome Assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to prepare the student for Radiation Cell Biology and Radiation Safety Standards employed by a Certified Radiography under all the applicable Scope of Practice Standards, etc.

1. Type a five (5) page single spaced paper of an overview of what you learned about the ASRT Scope of Practice Standards.

2. Resources must be properly cited within the body of the paper.

3. The paper must have a title page with your name, date and this following information listed on the title page:

· Scope of Practice Standards Overview Paper

· Course Professor: *************

· Radiologic Technology Program

· Course Number: ********

· Course Title: Radiologic Technology 3

· Semester: Fall 2020


4. DUE DATE: August 24, 2020 by 5:00 p.m. EST.

5. Send your paper by email ********************

6. Failure to Assignment # 1 by the due date and time will result in a “F” letter grade and 0% points.

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