Major Depressive Disorder

Proposed Thesis: Based on your Proposed Topic from week 1 and the reading you’ve been doing about writing a research paper, create a Proposed Thesis statement for your research paper. The thesis should be specific, explicit, and should lay out the exact argument or position you want your paper to express. The thesis should be a single declarative sentence written in 3rd person (no “I”). For a refresher on what you learned in Composition I about what a thesis is and how to write one, see Chapter 6: Developing a Thesis, in your textbook, pages 54-62. Check out this helpful link to thesis statements at the Purdue OWL.


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Major Depressive Disorder
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Outline: Prepare an outline of your research paper. Please see Developing an Outline ( for help and info on creating an outline. You may also review what you learned in Composition I about outlines in Chapter 6 of your textbook, pages 74-89. This should be a thorough outline written in complete sentences. It is not very important for the purposes of this class that you master the exact style and format of a formal outline. It is important that you demonstrate an understanding of the progress your argument will take from the beginning to the end of the paper, and that you have a logically organized and global plan of action for the entire paper. This outline should be a 250+ word, fully developed plan of your main points, subpoints, and support.

References: Prepare a working references page of at least 5 research sources for your research paper. You may adjust these sources as needed when you write your paper, but this is a start to the research process. The references page must be formatted according to APA format and must use sources from the …(sources are attached to draft outline), either from the physical collection or the online databases. Please review pages 582-591 of your textbook for a sample APA paper, and pages 573-581 of your textbook for instructions on how to format your in-text citation and references page according to APA guidelines. You may also check the Everglades Library section for links to various online APA resources or rely on the Purdue OWL APA website . While you may rely on additional outside sources when you write the paper,

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