Background and Timeline

Prepare a 5-page paper in accordance with the following Assignment Expectations, describing the procedural issues for your project, in accordance with the following outline:

Briefly describe the organization within which you are working for your project, and your relationship to it. (U.S. Military; Specifically U.S. Army)ACME WRITERS
Identify your organizational contact/liaison person(s) (Sheila Lawson: Diversity & Inclusion Specialist for U.S. Army), their role within the organization, how you got involved with them (Worked with her for past 8 Years on Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Equal Opportunity for U.S. Army), the role that you expect them to play in regard to your project, and the arrangements you have for maintaining regular contact with them (Phone, Email, Text, VideoConference).
Complete a basic plan/timeline (Attached) for your project, according to the following grid. Identify the principal activities you will need to carry out, the approximate dates when you might complete them (or, if you’re unable to identify specific dates, at least how long you expect each activity to take), and any necessary prerequisites for any of these activities (that is, things that have to happen before the activity can be undertaken). Be sure to include both specific activities related to research and administrative events such as project approval and IRB ( approval, as well as any needed organizational reviews.
Identify any potential sources of difficulty or complication for your project—that is, things that might make it difficult to complete. For each difficulty, identify any ideas you might have about how to overcome it, and any kind of specific help you might need to resolve these issues.
Reflection Questions (One Paragraph Per Question, Include Two References:ACME WRITERS
How did you contact the U.S. Army and get their commitment to be a resource for your dissertation?
Did you agree to provide them the results of your dissertation analysis in the form of a consulting type report?
Why do you find this organization interesting?

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Background and Timeline
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