Transition to Professional Practice for Paramedics

I have attached all materials provided to us as well as structure/guidance for the essay stated by my lecturer below. The Assignment is a structured lesson plan and I have chosen the topic of Burns injuries specifically. The Lesson plan template is what I have put together as to what the session should entail so you can use that information. Try and elaborate on the session activity that I have mentioned. My lecturer is particularly looking for depth in educational strategies and theories and sent me reading material personally, which I have attached also, please try and incorporate those.

There are two presentations on burns that we have covered, feel free to use those references for research.ACME WRITERS

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Transition to Professional Practice for Paramedics
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I have also attached the University referencing guide that should follow throughout.

Please find attached a Lesson plan template for your Second assignment. I would suggest you use this to create your scheme of work and then apply it as an appendix within your assignment. This will allow you space to discuss the assessment criteria in more depth.

Without being too prescriptive, and this is meant as a rough ‘word count’ guide only:

Introduction: 250

Assessment criteria 1: 1000

Assessment criteria 2:: Lesson plan as an appendix

Assessment Criteria 3: 1000

Conclusion: 250

Additional guidance & Keywords:

Assessment criteria 1:

1. ‘educational strategies’ – consider learning styles; consider support of additional learning needs (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, physical disabilities, etc.ACME WRITERS

Consider your delivery method(s), why have you chosen them and include references to support your decision

Using ‘Discover’, search for education strategies in adult education. There are a lot of good hits…

Assessment criteria 3

Consider your content. Why have you chosen what you have? What elements are you not teaching and why? Are you delivering your subject with consideration to the 4 suggested learning styles (VARK). Using ‘Discover’, search for VARK Learning StyleACME WRITERS

There is much more associated with Learning styles and strategies, but this will get you started. If you wanted a challenge, you could explore the effectiveness of VARK when considering your strategy or whether it is better to understand Educational theories like ‘Social Constructivist’,’Situated Learning’, ‘Communities of Practice’, ‘Behaviourism’, or ‘Activity Theory’. These may sound technical, however, they can be quite simple to understand, given time

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