Dependent and Independent Variables

design an experimental research study. start by generating your own hypothesis. how could you set up an experiment to test your hypothesis? compose a 350+ word response to one of them that is clear, well reasoned, grammatically correct and reflects your knowledge of the textbook around the topics listed below:
include and identify:
your own hypothesisACME WRITERS
how to identify your population and sample
how to implement random assignment
dependent and independent variables
operational definitions
experimental and control groups
You may also decide to uncle other topics discussed in the chapter such as double blinded testing, placebos or other items discussed.
your hypothesis can be about any topic but some ideas around which to generate a hypothesis might be
Do certain colors evoke certain moods?
can different music result in different physical or mental responses?
does a certain level of social media use make people happier or sadder?ACME WRITERS
does an employees happiness impact their productivity?

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Dependent and Independent Variables
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