Feminist Criticism

Research the school using GALILEO to build a 3-5 slide presentation on it. Using credible open-web sources is also acceptable. Should be documented using MLA 8th edition format.

Include the following information, as well as relevant images, if available:

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Feminist Criticism
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Time/decade and place (if applicable) of originACME WRITERS

Significant scholars involved. 1792 Mary Wollstonecraft wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Women, and that would take care of those?

Why and from where did this theory emerge? What were its influences? The slides where you discuss the influences and defining characteristics will give you an excellent opportunity to show how it has changed over time.

The theory/school’s defining characteristics, terms, and/or questionsWollstonecraft’s influences and motivations, and who joined her. And that s also where you will give a little historical context. What was happening to create this as a movement?

A quote from one of the school’s major works/authors

Use your last slide as your Works Cited page

Your understanding and analysis of the topic.ACME WRITERS

You’ve included information from the list above, and you have cited your sources correctly.

Can you add script for Audio

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