Statistical Methods and Applications

The authors all have presented a variety of characters who have some kind of driveled sautés or who lack privileged status (or, if not a character specifically, the work discusses some type of privilege in its content). Essentially, privilege is a superior set of rights or status as compared to other individuals. privilege can involve race, social class, gender, or ay number of other categories and mainly concerns one group of people who has a higher status or more access to rights and opportunities than others.

Referring to at least three examples from the three different authors, where do we see either examples of privilege or lack of privilege in the readings? (Make sure you’re focusing on a particular example of privilege and not just summarizing an entire text.) What is the privilege that the character has or lacks (or that the author is discussing)? How does that possession of privilege or lack or privilege affect their life or their opportunities? What can their experience or discussion perhaps tell us about how privilege or the lack of privilege affects individuals today?ACME WRITERS

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Statistical Methods and Applications
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Minimize the use of “I”.

Must be in conventional essay format (contain an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion).

Any paraphrases or direct quotations of material from the texts you are using must be properly punctuated (clear use of quotation marks for direct quotations, for example) and must contain a parenthetical citation noting the page number of the material. Must provide a works cited page, noting full bibliographical information for your source material, with the submitted exam.

Reading 1: A Modest Proposal- OR Oroonoko-
Reading 2: Candide by Voltaire- ACME WRITERS
Reading 3: Equiano Read Chapters 1 & 2, and you only need to read Chapter 3 until the paragraph that starts “I have often seen my master and Dick employed in reading”:

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