Islamic Science

Please view Lecture 6: Islamic Science and read:
– George Saliba, Islamic Science and the Making of the European Renaissance (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2007), Chapter Five, ‘Science between Philosophy and Religion: The Case of Astronomy,’ pp. 171-192. Available on
And View one of the following documentaries:
1) Science and Islam – Language of Science, orACME WRITERS

Part II. The Report:
In an essay of 300-350 words, please discuss:
1. What role did Islamic civilizations played in the history of science from the Ancient period to Middle Ages? Base your discussion on the Saliba chapter, where he argues that one of the major projects in Islamic astronomy was to reconcile Ptolemaic and Aristotelian astronomy and ONE of these documentaries (***Make sure to refer to specific scenes in the documentaries)
2. What does the narrator Jim Al-Khalili add to the story, and how does it challenge or support what Saliba writes?

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Islamic Science
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Part III. Bibliography and Citations:
Continue to use Footnotes and a Bibliography in the Chicago Manual of Style:

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