Cdyc Assignment

a sketch of the layout of the classroom – you or Artist, but it should be neat J. Please show how big it is Where are the doors and windows? Storage, bathroom, sink? What about the tables and the chairs? What type of flooring? Major areas of the room and their use? Cubbies and teacher storage area. Plants? Centers?

II. Outdoor Sketch – Please show: Size (approximate measurements), Where is the fence, where are the gates, trees? What type of ground coverings/materials and where (examples, mulch, cement, grass). Any major equipment such as swings, climbers, a bike path, merry – go – rounds, water toy areas, etc. Is there a ater fountain? Porch, Shade? A Patio??ACME WRITERS

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Cdyc Assignment
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III. Learning Centers; List the learning centers that are available to the children in the classroom, describing the main materials found in each.

IV. Schedule – Give a complete schedule of a typical day in th classroom, with time and activities, accounting all of the time in the school day. Use 15 min. increments – ex. 7:00 – 7:15, etc.







VI. Philosophy – based on your observation, what do you think the philosophy of the program is? What do you think the teacher’s consider their role? Their responsibility and their highest priority? What type of curriculum do they seem to have based on what you have observed? How do you think they feel about how children learn? Use your own words here and be specific. Site Specific observations to back up whether or not they actually carry it

VII. Role of play. What is the role of play in the classroom? Are there many different types of play? Is it encouraged? Is it respected or are academics the main focus?

VIII. Inclusion – are there any special needs children? What do you think that the policy of the school or center as far as accepting special needs children? Are there any staff members – like speech therapists, occupational therapist, etc. that you

IX. Multicultural Awareness and Diversity – Describe your observation in the program. describe any materials you may see around the room, books and respect for families with differences. Please give details. l

X. What assessment system do they use. That is, CLASS, GOLD, High Scope Core, creative curriculum or other???

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