Other Feeding and Eating Disorders

In your initial post, address one of the following questions:

1- Pick one of the other eating disorders (purging disorder, night eating syndrome, OSFED) and describe the key difference(s) between the disorder you chose and the eating disorders described in the DSM-5. How would you screen, assess, diagnosis, treat, and refer a patient with this diagnosis?ACME WRITERS
2-Discuss the different approaches you would take when completing a psychiatric interview with a child or adolescent client versus with an adult client with OSFED. Identify specific differences in interviewing techniques. Articulate the developmental differences you would take into consideration.
3-“Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorders” is not found in the DSM-5. However, have you seen them in clinicals or personally with your friends or family? If in clinicals, describe your experience of interviewing, assessing, diagnosing, treating, and referring the patient. If personally, describe the same hypothetically. (Be sure to use pseudonyms.)

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Other Feeding and Eating Disorders
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