Research Strategy

Due first:
Answer These Items in Your Professional Project Proposal

1. Identify the topic of your Professional Project and explain the purpose of the project. What are the research questions you are trying to answer or the problems you are trying to address through your project?

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Research Strategy
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2. Explain the reasoning process by which you selected the topic. Why did you select this topic for your project?ACME WRITERS

3. Explain how the topic of your Professional Project is related to your MPS Program of Study, including an explanation of how the project makes use of the knowledge you gained from your MPS courses. The Professional Project should be the logical culmination of what you have studied in the MPS program.

4. Each Project must follow a plan of structured inquiry or research strategy. Explain in detail the strategy/process you will follow in conducting and completing your Professional Project. What method(s) will you follow?

5. All Professional Projects must have a formal, written, research component. State what the written research component of your project will be (e.g., research paper, policy analysis/recommendations, etc.).

7. The citations and bibliography of the Professional Project must follow a standard style guide, the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association.ACME WRITERS

8. Provide a sample bibliography that is indicative of the resources you will use in your research.

9. Provide a provisional outline of your Professional Project.

And then I need:

Step 4: Submit Introduction, Detailed Outline of the Project, and Reference List

Three weeks into the semester you will submit a detailed outline of your project paper with a list of bibliographical resources you are using. The detailed outline will be your roadmap through your project. Before you can do that you will have to conduct a thorough literature search for articles and books on your subject. You should have a minimum of 15 reference sources in the reference list that you submit with your detailed outline of the project paper. Before you can adequately complete a detailed outline of your proposed project paper, you should read these resources and understand what others have written about your topic.

Along with the outline, you will write and submit “The Introduction” to your project paper. The Introduction is the Project’s first section, a few paragraphs that tell the reader what the project is about, what questions your project is addressing and what you intend to accomplish with your project. After you write your introduction, then lay out the detailed outline of the content of your proposed project paper.

And then:

The final draft should have all the parts of the Project Paper, including the title page, signature page, abstract, table of contents and reference list.ACME WRITERS

The paper will include an abstract of one page or less. The abstract should be informative and contain the following sections: 1) Background: A brief statement of research objectives; 2) Methods: A concise statement of methods; and 3) Results: A clear presentation of results. Literature review, and conclusion

Because of the range of approaches possible for Professional Projects in the Master of Professional Studies, defining minimal standards for project papers is difficult. However, if you are following a traditional approach to a Professional Project, a report of original research or policy study, the paper documenting your research including the literature review should be at least 7,500 words, not including references. You should cite a minimum of 30 reference sources in the writing of your paper. You should not rely exclusively on web-based searches (Google) but should use the resources of our online academic library databases. At least half of the reference sources you cite should be to refereed journal articles. ACME WRITERSAlso, the journal articles should be limited to recent years (5 to 7) unless it was from a significant research study.

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