Social Work

In 250 words or more; introduce yourself. Tell us where you currently are in the BSSW program. If you have an internship assigned already, what is it ( name and area of interest). If you don’t currently have an area, express your immediate plans regarding placement options.What are you most excited about this semester. What special skill do you currently bring to the table? Respond to two fellow students in 150 words or more. See Syllabus for Discussion guidelines for due dates and point regulations.

Weekly Discussion Thread (Course Participation) (21%): Weekly Discussion Threads are 14 @ 1.5 points each. Please note that the Weekly Discussion Threads are how class participation in this course is measured in this measured.ACME WRITERS

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Social Work
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For this course, course participation means to attend and actively engage in weekly Seminar class discussions on Web-Ex, and actively participate in online discussions and small group activities through regularly asking questions in the discussions, directly to the instructor of the course during via email or in the Any Questions? Discussion Forum. Course participation also refers to offering meaningful opinions/assessments that are informed by the course material in the weekly discussion posts. To receive the full 1.5 points for the Discussion Threads is to Exceed the Course Standard.

To achieve this, replies to the discussion question will need to:

· Be responsive to question and substantive, posting comments or questions that enhanced the discussion, helped move the conversation forward. These may have included follow up questions, examples, or new perspectives.ACME WRITERS

· Correct APA in-text and reference page citations are used. Posting showed ample evidence of having reviewed, or completed the relevant readings or assignments.

· Posting to peers was constructive and differences of opinion expressed in a collegial manner, such as including a greeting to their peer at the start of the post

· The post that replied to the question was posted by the Friday (at 11:59p) of the week that the question was made available.

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