Peer-reviewed Journal Article

To write brief (2 pages or less) summary review of full-text, peer-reviewed journal article. The summary should cover each component of the article (introduction, methods, results, discussion/conclusion). Specifically, it should include: the purpose of the study, provide of brief overview of their methods and highlight the key findings. Be sure to answer the following basic questions in your summary of the article:


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Peer-reviewed Journal Article
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1. What is the question being asked?

2. Where does this question come from?ACME WRITERS

3. Why is this question important?

4. What is the hypothesis or expectation?


1. What is the basic experimental design (see definitions page)?

2. What is the experimental intervention (is there one, or is the study observational)?

3. What is the experimental group, what is the control group?

4. What are the key independent variables?

5. What is/are the outcome variables and how are they measured?

6. What statistics are to be used?


1. What are the key results?

2. What graph or table shows the key results best?


1. What do the results mean?

2. Do the results agree or disagree with prior work?

3. Do the results support the hypothesis?

4. Do the results support the stated conclusions?

5. What are the limitations or drawbacks to this study?

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