Critique of Quantitative Research Article

The critique is to be written as short-answer paragraphs using APA style guidelines (7th edition) for each of the following elements (1 point each for 5 points total); 2-3 page limitation excluding the cover sheet & references.

1. The Abstract: Identify the study design; purpose, specific aim(s), research questions, and/or hypotheses.

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Critique of Quantitative Research Article
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2. The Introduction/Background: How much is known about the topic and affected population? Compare the purpose, specific aim(s), research questions and/or hypothesis to what was found in the abstract. What terms do the researcher(s) use to indicate their intentions (explore, compare, etc)ACME WRITERS

3. The Methodology: Is the study design appropriate for what is known? Identify the variables by type and indicate the statistical measures for each. What tool(s) were used and how was validity/reliability established? Did the researcher(s) conduct a power analysis to determine the sample size?

4. The Findings or Results: Are the tables and/or figures appropriate for the statistics presented? Do the statistics in the tables and/or figures match the narrative content?

5. The Discussion and Conclusion: Was the research question answered? What was the answer? Will this study change nursing practice? Why or why not?

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