Entrance Essay

Entrance Essay Instructions:
Write a complete essay reflecting on your most recent English class(es). This could be high school English, Beginning or Intermediate English, or Composition I (if you are repeating). What were your successes and failures as a writer?
Choose ONE of the following to discuss (include at least three examples):
The high point(s) of a specific course
The low point(s) of a specific courseACME WRITERS
A difficulty you overcame in a specific course
A difficulty you did not overcome in a specific course
What you learned about citation in a specific course
What you learned about organization in a specific course
A strength you discovered in a specific course
A weakness you discovered in a specific course
The introduction should end in a clear thesis statement that conveys a sense of purpose. Each body paragraph should open with a topic sentence and should include specific references and detailed explanations..
You should write at least 750 words.
You should conclude your essay effectively.ACME WRITERS
NOTE: While this essay will be graded and receive a real grade using a rubric, it will not be averaged into you final average. This will allow you to see what your real grade would be before we work together without it hurting your grade in the class.

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