Skill in a Specific Elementary Grade

Search for and summarize an article that suggests effective strategies for differentiating instruction for a specific content area/skill in a specific elementary grade.

When typing an Article Review, follow this format and include the bolded headings:

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Skill in a Specific Elementary Grade
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List the bibliography at the top. Use APA format. If you do not have the APA manual (6th edition), you would be wise to get one as you will use this format throughout your work here at DSU. You can also find this information on-line, but be warned that the manual itself is over 400 pages long. The Purdue University Online Writing Lab link on the home page is a ACME WRITERShelpful source for APA format. It is your responsibility to locate and use the reference style information.

Summarize the article information. Type it in 12 font, Times New Roman, and double-spaced. Your summary should not be over 1 1/2 pages long. It is important to summarize and not restate the entire article. I prefer you to not use quotes unless it is absolutely necessary to get your point across. If you use direct wording from the article, enclose them in quotation marks and add page numbers (see APA format resources).

3. Reflect on how the information can benefit your teaching practices. Your reflection should not be over 1 page long. Your reflection should not be a repeat of the summary or the actual article content. Instead, it should reflect insights into the information as it applies to effective instruction. Include specific examples of how you can use the information to influence your instructional practices.

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