Marketing Environment

Purpose of this assignment:

To help you think through and better understand the Marketing Environment: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP).

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Marketing Environment
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Read PROMO 2 Chapters 4 “Understanding the Marketing Environment: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning” (NOTE: we skip chapter 3). Book:


Assignment Instructions:

The Folgers campaign featured in this chapter’s introductory scenario was distinctive, in part, because the company spent no money on media, instead of allowing the new ads to circulate for free through user sites such as YouTube. That strategic decision reflected an understanding that its young target market was more likely to be online than watching the evening news. What might be the most effective media to reach each of the following target segments?
1. Upper-income men, ages 45 to 60, for a financial services product.
2. Young homeowners, ages 30 to 40, for a new interior paint product.
3. Teenage boys who live in rural areas for a new basketball shoe.ACME WRITERS
4. Senior citizens for a new denture-paste product
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