Newborn Birth

This unit’s discussion will address the growth and development of the child from the neonate to the young adult. Emphasis will be placed on communication with the child and family in respect to age and developmental considerations. This will build a solid knowledge base for the provider when caring for the child.


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Newborn Birth
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Please choose a topic to discuss and, in return, you will reply to your classmates on the other topics in order to promote a robust discussion.

Please complete each initial post in APA format following the Discussion Board grading rubric to include, but not limited to the following:

Select one of the age groups below. Apply a principle of human growth and development, identify a developmental milestone related to that age, and then discuss at least two developmental concerns or red flags from your chosen age group.

Newborn birth to one month old
Infant one month to one year old
Toddler one year to three years old
Early Childhood three to five years old

Middle Childhood (also known as “school aged”) five to twelve years old
Adolescent twelve to eighteen years old
Young Adult eighteen to twenty one years old

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