Freshwater Fisheries

I already have 2 pages of the essay done, I just need you to add 2 more and maybe revise the first 2 pages I did. introduction may need to be rewritten as well. In total I need about 1000 words including what I have done already. I will attach the 2 pages I have done as well as a rubric that must be followed completely or else points will be taken off. More information for why dams and pollution are bad for freshwater fisheries all together. Must find a conservation policy.

Describe the natural resource issue, including the natural resources and ecosystem services affected and the relevant ethical, economic, and ecological factors that influence the conservation of these resources, and

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Freshwater Fisheries
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Present a short argument in support of a conservation policy that addresses this issue in some way. In your argument, name the type of policy tool (or economic tool) you have chosen (your conclusion) and explain your reasoning for selecting it (your premises).

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