Pome Reading Note

About 200wordsoftyped notes that demonstrate careful and complete reading of each piece of the assigned reading for the day.

•Quote: Include at least one quote with an in-text citation, and explain why quote is important or meaningful to reading.

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Pome Reading Note
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•Questions: Include at least two specific questions. Discussion Questions to ask peers as a way to contribute to discussion and/or Reading Questions e.g. something you want to research, etc.= questions about the reading itself.

•Notes are visually organized with headings, underlines, boxes, indents, lists, or other visual strategies. Points assessed based on content, specific and holistic textual engagement, and organization. Sentence fragments, bulleted lists, informal citations, and writing errors are okay. Reading Notes are akin to a personal journal entry with you as the primary audience, and may also include the definition for a word you looked up. A key idea or feature you noticed. An observation concerning how Form contributes to the meaning of a poem, etc. Utilization of poetic Central Course Terms encouraged.

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