Pandemics Research Objective

Return at least once later in the module week to review two or more of your classmates’ variables. Provide feedback to classmates.

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Pandemics Research Objective
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State your Research Topic, Objective/Purpose, and Research Question(s).

General Topic of Interest:

Air Travel During Pandemics

Research Objective/Purpose:

The purpose of this study is to investigate if all air travel is equally being hurt, or are different companies starting to adapt to the COVID lifestyle. Older people will stray from traveling but younger people are jumping at the chance to travel for cheaper prices. How will airline companies deal with a smaller influx of traveling passengers compared to pre-COVID-19?

Research Question(s):

I wonder how the air travel industry plans on making a profit in the future during health pandemics like COVID-19?

List and label the variables, including independent, dependent, intervening, or moderating.

Independent variable: COVID-19s time in this world, future pandemics spread and how long it will last

Dependent variable: COVID-19 cases

Intervening: World economy, vaccine, the spread of illness, human nature

Moderating variable: natural disasters, recessions

Explain the relationships among the variables.

Pandemic cases are driven by humans spreading the illness. Depending on the future of a developed vaccine, and human nature, pandemics could be around for a year or a couple of months. The world economy could help pandemics slow or if in a poor country, spread faster.

Describe the purpose of operationalizing variables.

The purpose of the operationalizing variable is to measure a specific variable. You would need to define pandemic for what it is. Hospitalizations would be a good way to measure certain pandemics.

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