Audience Market Analysis


For your information this the link to the textbook for the class:

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Audience Market Analysis
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eTextbook: Ratings Analysis. When you go to website or account look to the left of screen and you will see two eTextbooks listed that will say, “read”…for this test Ratings Analysis is the only source or book needed

I’ve uploaded extra info. for your research please don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of pdf’s.

Draft proposal:

A: Introduction: Provide at least two paragraphs that address the topic that you plan to explore in this case study.

Introductory paragraphs that set the stage for the statement of the problem associated with the market you are evaluating. Make sure you provide literature that supports your contention that this research is important (data from infinite dial reports etc (See course resources for database help).


Cite materials from databases about markets. USE materials from the ASU library databases and other market tools. City data is another good tool found with a simple online search. Statista is another good tool found among the ASU databases.

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