Corporate Finance Review

In response to Albrecht, C., El-Bakri, J., Albrecht, W. S., Albrecht, C., & Morales, V. (2015). HOW FRAUD AFFECTS CORPORATE STRATEGY: THE CASE OF GENERAL MOTORS AND JOHN McNAMARA. Corporate Finance Review, 20(2), 5-13.

Your reflection paper should be at least 3 pages long and double spaced.

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Corporate Finance Review
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When writing, consider the following:

· What did you find interesting, surprising, etc.?
· What new things have you learned?
· How has the reading affected your preconceptions or misconceptions that you had of fraud before participating in this course?

· How does this reading affect your view of fraud and the individuals who commit it?
· Will what you have learned change your behavior or view on this subject in the future?
Your paper should include your analysis of the article. Please do not simply outline or summarize the readings. I want to know what the readings mean to you.

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