Concept of Community

essay 2000 words

Assessment Task
1. Identify a community that interests you and define it according to the reading materials concerned with the concept of community. It could be a community of which you are a part. Some examples of how you can define community include:

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Concept of Community
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A community that is defined by geographic location, like a small rural area or an urban suburb;
A community defined by those who share an experience, such as a disability or illness;
A community of connection such as a specific cultural group;ACME WRITERS
A community of interest, such as a hobby group;
A community defined by those advocating for the rights of a certain group of people;
A community defined by a certain experience of disadvantage;
Some communities could contain several element from the above.
2. Conduct a desktop needs analysis of that community using available data or information from reputable websites and credible research papers.

3. Develop a plan for engaging with members of that community in order to work collaboratively to complete the needs analysis and plan for action. In your answer, explain how Ife’s (2016) community development principles would inform your practice.

Marking Criteria
For information for how this assignment will be marked click here.ACME WRITERS

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