Issue Papers

With Texas being touted as a possible swing state in the November General election, discuss details what would be required to switch Texas from Republican to Democratic.

GUIDELINES for: Issue Reaction Essay Paper and the 15-Page Group Paper Write your abstract of 60-100 words.

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Issue Papers
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I. Introduction.ACME WRITERS

• Clearly defines the issue addressed in the statement

II. Background

• Present any necessary background information, including pertinent personal narrative

III. Writer’s Position

• Present your case accurately, coherently, logically, consistently, and clearly

IV. Consideration of Opposing Arguments; Make Recommendations. Make subheadings.

V. Conclusion

VI. Recommendations

Students are encouraged to give your opinion with policy recommendations on the topic

• Gain the reader’s attention and interest

• Clearly state your position on the issue

• Defend your positionACME WRITERS

• Provide facts, statistics, testimony, and pertinent details when appropriate

• Examine opposing viewpoints and explain why you chose a different view.

• Use APA style. Go online and download a copy of the 6th edition. Keep it in front of you as you write.

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