Students will create an E-Poster to show their understanding of the application of a nursing model to a specific clinical problem. Identify the clinical issue: Prevention of urinary tract infection in an elderly person with a urinary catheter. Justify how this model can be relevant to address the selected clinical issue and link the model’s elements with the Codes of Conduct and Nursing Standards.


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Please incorporate the 6C’s in that issue with one or two sentences and pictures. Use 6C’s when you create the e-poster.  6C’s: Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage and Commitment. Assessment Instructions · Identify a clinical issue and select ONE nursing model that can be used to address that issue. Minimum of four references is required. Your articles must be ≤ 10 years old.


Define the model, justify how it can be used to address your topic, and link its elements to the nursing standards for practice and codes of conduct in Australia, and USE APA FORMAT for referencing. Information cited from unreliable websites, pamphlets or magazines is not acceptable for this paper.  Your poster will be marked according to the rubric/marking guide below.  Your poster needs to be created in a single document, using graphic software such as Canva, Adobe, Piktochart, or any other helpful tool and submitted.


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