Increasing Sales

You will need to choose a company that will be the focus of all the written papers in this course. In thinking about the company what product or service needs a fresh look or can be ‘redefined’ to generate interest again by the consumer – with the end goal of increasing sales volumes and subsequent revenue. 


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Increasing Sales
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Or, perhaps there is a new product or service that would bring revenue to the company. Once you have selected your company, product, or service, describe in paragraph format: Describe your chosen company and the products or services they offer.


What is the new or redefined product or service that you have selected? State the mission and vision of the company. Describe how the new or redefined product or service aligns with the mission and vision of the organization. What you have accomplished at the end of this paper is called a Situational Analysis. Submit in APA format. Total 5 pages: 1 for Title, 3 pages for actual subject, 1 for References

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