Reflection on Development Projects

Project descriptions and demands:

This is a purely anthropological paper. This paper is the part of the phd thesis. I will provide one chapter which is written on land acquisition during mega development projects in Gwadar, Pakistan. The chapter data was from a long term ethnographic fieldwork. The chapter focus on how the state authorities focused on bringing modernity, economic growth and political assimilation lead to socio-economic and cultural marginalization of the fishing community living on the coast of Gwadar.

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Reflection on Development Projects
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In simple words, the state authorities want to implement infrastructure projects in Gwadar. Through such projects the state authorities want to achieve some objectives. Some objectives are explicit while other hidden and implicit. One explicit objective is to bring economic growth for the whole country and make Gwadar coastal area as economic hub. Second hidden objective is to use development projects as excuse of intervention for bringing political assimilations in this area. Because the area is rebel and the people want freedom from the center. Thus central state authorities use development projects as excuse to politically assimilate local people and build state sovereignty in this region.ACME WRITERS

Based on these objective of the state I have collected ethnographic date. But now I need a theoretical framework and literature where the writer will connect the theoretical framework with this data and develop a quality research paper.

The writer will also write the methodology part of the paper though I will guide him/her if needed.

The paper should be squeezed to 8000 words. The theoretical part must very comprehensive and well connected with the data.

The writer first have to write 2 pages of literature relevant to this theoretical framework and aim of the study. If the two pages literature satisfy us we will hire the writer based on his/her expert experience and background required.

I and my coauthors who are experts in the field will revise the writer work and if not good will need to revise until we satisfy. Please keep in mind that We are Phds and expert in the field but we don’t have to time to accomplish this task thus need your expertise. If you are not expert then don’t take part in the bidding because it will be waste of time for you and me.ACME WRITERS

This paper clearly needs anthropological background and experience as ethnographer. If some don’t have anthropological background and ethnographic experience he/she should not take part in the bidding. I need a Phd person who got his/her degree in sociology or anthropology and expertise in ethnography and qualitative research and writing.

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