Critical Reading Skills

PSA Blogs ask you to preview, summarize, and analyze the reading for a given class period. These exercises are designed prepare you for class discussions as well as hone your close and critical reading skills.

Preview: Before you read the text, provide a brief summary of what you’re expecting. What do you think the piece might be about or look like given the author or title? (~50-100 words)

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Critical Reading Skills
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Summarize: After you have read the text, briefly summarize the plot and highlight any key ideas, recurring themes, and/or overarching observations. What are the noteworthy takeaways from this particular text? (~100 words)ACME WRITERS

Analyze: Choose one segment or element to analyze closely. You might consider focusing on: the setting or point of view, the author’s tone or word choice, a specific scene or dialogue exchange, a character or symbol, etc. Why did this element stick out to you? How does it relate to or shed light on other aspects of the text? What parallels can you draw/ what connections can you make outside of the text? Cite specific examples from the text. (~100-150 words)


PSAs should be written in full sentences and according to MLA format. Whenever you reference the text, provide page numbers (or line numbers) in parentheses after the quote, paraphrase, or reference. Please break up your responses into the three corresponding headings as I have done above.

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