Concept Analysis

Major Project 2

For this paper you will perform an analysis of a concept. Perhaps you would want to be curious as to how this word came about. In other words, you would want to know it origins. This is what you call the epistemology of a concept.

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Concept Analysis
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Your paper should:ACME WRITERS

address all the questions listed above (ask yourself).
Self introspection every now and then you might ask yourself:
Why do I value this?(your values system)
Why do you value patience? respect? comforting? cleanliness? spirituality? acculturation? inclusion? social injustice? social distancing/close socializing? These are just examples of a concept(s).
Values clarification. Ask yourself:
Why do I value this concept so much?
Explain the reason why it is significant in your life.
Further, why did it become important part of my belief system?
Then, ask yourself:ACME WRITERS
Have I been applying my belief system in term of my professional nursing practice? Explain why?
Expand the answers to the “why” to the 4 metaparadigms of nursing: man, health, environment.
be your original work.
be four (4) pages long and double space.
typed according to APA style for margins, formating and spacing standards

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